Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photography

How much should wedding photography cost?

The way we work here at Jaymar Studios is very flexible and can be tailored to suit any budget – which is particularly important if you are having a small wedding. Whatever the size of your wedding, we can provide something in keeping with your taste – be it traditional or contemporary – and to suit your pocket. As a rough guide, for an average sized wedding you should be thinking around £800 upwards depending on what you want to end up with – for a smaller wedding it should be much less, prices starting from £350.

Bear in mind that after the wedding day is over, the photographs are the ONLY thing you will have left to show for all the money you spent on your big day, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands on your photography. Yes, you do only get what you pay for, but all photographers are different and have their own systems and packages, but generally speaking, you should spend as much on your photographs as you possibly can, but keep it in the right proportion to the other things you are paying for. For example, to spend twice as much on an ice sculpture or chocolate fountain as your whole wedding album would not really be a sensible use of your budget! By the same token, it is also equally inappropriate to spend thousands of pounds on photographs when you are only having a few guests at a small family wedding.

You do need to go and meet up with a few photographers – simply ringing round and getting price lists will be completely meaningless without seeing in front of you what you are getting for your money. The important thing is quality rather than quantity, so you should make sure that you only book a registered qualified photographer and CHECK THEY HAVE PUBLIC LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY INSURANCE. These days there are many “photographers” out there in the marketplace who are unqualified, not insured and undertaking cheap wedding photography – having a “good digital camera” and setting up a website does not automatically make someone a photographer – that takes years of experience and training. Using an unregistered and uninsured photographer is often a false economy and you run a great risk of being very disappointed with poor wedding photography as well as having your meal ruined by everything running hours late due to a photographer who doesn’t know what they are doing.

"I hate having my photo taken" – can we have casual unposed photos just snapped when we aren’t looking?.

Most people say that they hate having their photos taken! In fact, what most people really mean is that they hate seeing photos of themselves – and the reason for that is because they have usually been taken when they weren’t looking and are not very flattering! If you have all your wedding photos taken like this, you might hate the way you look in them, but that doesn’t mean you have to have boring traditional photos. A good qualified photographer should know how to flatter you on your special day and often, this means setting up the photos to look natural and unposed – but the success of this often depends on how relaxed you are with your photographer. You need to meet up with photographers not only to see how you get on with them, but also to see their style of photography as they will all be different – some are more contemporary than others.

Here at Jaymar Studios, we put a lot of emphasis on having a good rapport with every couple to ensure you end up with photographs you will love – one of the reasons why we give you a complimentary pre-wedding engagement portrait. Once you have seen how great you look in this, you will be looking forward to your wedding photos!

Do we have to have a wedding album? - can we just get a disc of images to print out ourselves?

If you are having a very small wedding then we realise you may not want to end up with an album and we have other more appropriate options for you to consider. In all other cases, you do have to get the finished album from us as we do not supply the images for you to make up your own main album – our reputation stands on the quality, layout and presentation of your wedding album and it is very important to us that this is perfect.

We do, however, include a free disc of your images which are printable up to 6x4 – ideal for making small copies to give away to friends and relatives or putting on Facebook or other social networking sites. As the quality of the prints you will get from making your own copies will not be of the same standard as the professionally printed ones in your album, we do ask that if you or any of your family are wanting a larger framed photo to display in your home, you purchase this from us.

Why do I have to pay for wedding photography before the wedding?

Most qualified photographers require full payment (or a substantial part of it) in advance of the wedding. Particularly in the current economic climate, most photographers have had experiences of couples not coming back for their photographs simply because they have spent all their money on other things. If we turn up and do the job on the day, we cannot then sell your photographs to someone else if you don’t come back!

Here at Jaymar Studios, you have the option of spreading the cost over monthly instalments if you wish – but we are happy to negotiate for individual circumstances.

How long should the photography take on the day?

A - This will depend very much on the photographer you choose – some spend much longer than others. Here at Jaymar Studios, whilst we are very particular to get everything right, we do work quite quickly and have no desire to turn your wedding into a three hour photo shoot!

A few weeks before the wedding, Linda will go through everything with you and discuss all your requirements in fine detail including precise timings, so you will know exactly how the day will run.

How long will it take to get my finished wedding album?

Again, this varies greatly from one photographer to the next – some can take literally six months or more to produce your finished album. We pride ourselves on getting your finished album ready for you just as quickly as we can, usually in a matter of weeks from the time you make your order – the sooner you come in to choose everything, the quicker you will get your album!

What happens if the weather is bad and we can’t get our photos taken outside?

This is where the skill of the photographer really comes into play as it is often not easy to produce a varied set of photographs all indoors, particularly if the facilities in the reception venue are limited. A good photographer will discuss this with you in advance and advise you accordingly.

What if something goes wrong or my photographer falls ill?

A - If you use an unqualified photographer with no photographic skill or experience, not only may you be devastated by the poor results, but you will have no comeback if you are not happy.

Always use a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) or the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland (PPANI). Not only are we qualified (and insured!) but in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you do then have some redress. In addition, should a member fall ill, the network of other members will ensure that a qualified photographer will stand in, so that you are not left without a wedding photographer on your special day.

I hope you have found some of these questions and answers useful – I can give you much more individual information in person, so please feel free to contact me to make an appointment to come and see me. Evenings and weekends are fine if that suits you best.